For Leisure Immerse yourself in the tranquility and exploration of Kayaking For Corporate Team building activities that help businesses develop their people and grow For Schools Make camping experiences meaningful, fun and better Our Vision Impact the lives of the people we met positively with
a meaningful experience that lasts a lifetime

Who We Are

Your solution to well thought and heartfelt experiential programs. These include corporate team building programs, school camps, leadership training and outdoor adventure activities. We cater to all ages and needs. We start planning with your end in mind.

serendipET is a social enterprise. One of our main objectives is to do as much good as possible and hopefully inspire others to do the same too. We work with persons with disabilities, animal welfare groups, low income support groups, mental health support groups, youths who need support to grow and anyone else we cross paths with. The motto is, “If there is good to be done, we do.” We hope our legacy will be that we lived as good people. Check out our journey through the years.

Our 3D's Approach

your wants and needs
how to achieve the objectives

these objectives through an experiential learning model

What We Offer?

For Public

Need a memorable getaway with your family of friends without breaking the wallet? Join us on Pulau Ubin for a kayaking adventure into the Mangroves. This is a child and pet friendly experience.

For Corporate

We are a one stop solution to all your corporate team building needs. We host a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. These activities vary in physical and mental levels. Click here to see what you can do for your team! 

For School

What skills are you looking to build for your campers? How would you like their lives to be transformed? We strive to curate programs according to the specific needs of your school. Click here to see how we can help enrich the journey you wish you student to take!

Companies we have worked with