About Us


Founded in 2016 with the one of the main objectives of the company is to do as much good as possible and hopefully inspire others to do the same too, serendipET has been nominated for awards in different spaces. Our work with persons with disabilities, animal welfare groups, low income support groups, mental health support groups, youths who need support to grow and anyone else we cross paths with allow us to do what we love and take care of the world around us. The motto is, “If there is good to be done, we do.” We hope our legacy will be that we lived as good people. We have also come up with 5 key initiatives.

  • Founded on the principles of doing good – We started working from the house of one of the founders. Our family and friends have always been on of our strongest pillars.

    Nov 2016

  • Became a member of Raise


  • Nominated for the Presidents Volunteer and Philantrophy Award

    Oct 2018

  • Shift from a home office to an actual office

    Nov 2018

  • BizSafe 3 Certified

    Dec 2018

  • Our founder Tines Anbarasan, is nominated for SICCI Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

    Nov 2019

  • Assisted BeKind SG to deliver and pack gratitude packs of healthcare workers in Singapore

    Mar 2020

  • Was part of Covid-19 taskforce to aid migrant workers in Singapore

    Apr 2020

  • Leading the nationwide campaign to get Singaporeans to repurpose their NDP goodie bags – Strait Times feature – https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/2400-repurposed-ndp-packs-donated-to-migrant-workers

    July 2020

  • Winning at  the Singapore Disability Sports Awards – Community Impact Award (Volunteering)

    Aug 2020

  • Nominated for the Presidents Volunteer and Philantrophy Award

    Nov 2020

  • Strait Times feature for efforts to support different groups in Singapore – https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/donors-who-gave-even-though-it-hurt-during-a-pandemic

    Apr 2021

  • Listed with Seek Sophie for our Kayaking Trips

    December 2021

  • Still doing the best we can to help as many organisations in as many ways as we can

    2022 to Present

Our Team

Community Impact Award Winner (Volunteering), 2020

The lead trainers of serendipET are also the founding members. The focus is to give good quality programs that fulfill your needs. The trainers have a total of 20 years of experience delivering experiential learning programs and workshops. Over their time, they have achieved a variety of certifications to help you meet your objectives.