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For School

At serendipET, we understand that camp can sometimes be a life transforming event for the camper. With this in mind we craft programs based on the objectives stated. We use a few different frameworks (21st Century Competencies, MOE Character and Citizenship Education Syllabus and Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s “The Leadership Challenge” Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership) to align ourselves with the motivations of the current education system. We want to ensure that your campers take back a meaningful experience.
We are stringent on the quality of trainers we engage for our programs too. we equip them them with the skills needed for them to strive to make sure that every child is heard and gains something positive at camp. We do not believe in shouting and scolding at camp but instead we move towards having firm yet fair conversations with campers when negative situations are faced.

Activities we organize

High and Low Elements

Camp Craft - Overnight Camps

Camp Craft - Outdoor Cooking

Camp Craft - Map Reading, Orienteering and Navigation

Camp Craft - Knots and Lashing

Camp Craft - Tent Pitching

Camp Craft - Pioneering and Structure Building

Leave No Trace Workshop

Thoughts and Discussions - Environmental Awareness

Thoughts and Discussions - Migrant Workers

Thoughts and Discussions - Food Waste

Thoughts and Discussions - Human Library

Thoughts and Discussions - Water Rationing

Archery Tag

Laser Tag

Team - Building Activities

Leadership Training Programs

VIA Programs

Introduction to Disability Sports

Introduction to Dragonboat

Introduction to Kayaking

Introduction to Stand-Up Paddling

Terrarium Making

Water Testing

Up-Cycling Workshops

Cooking and Baking Workshops

Schools we have worked with